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EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Idol" (Season 9, episode 8)

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This episode started with a guiding light falling on Clark and Lois in bed, apparently enjoying the days of their lives together. It was soon noticed, though, that Clark was in need of the services of a general hospital as there was a scar on his cheek. It was then that we--the audience--began to suspect something was amiss and we were soon proven right as this proved to be a dream Lois was relating to her therapist (a woman of the Bob “How does that make you feel?” Newhart variety of counselors).


INTERVIEW: Republibot's Burt Cottage interviews little-known Sci-Fi author about selling books on Amazon's Kindle platform

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Republibot’s Burt Cottage interviews Samuel “Sam” Ben White on his recent success with selling Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Burt Cottage: Good morning.

Sam: Afternoon.

BC: What?

Sam: It’s afternoon where I am.

BC: No kidding. Anyway, tell us about Kindle.


TV REVIEW: "Chuck": Chuck vs. the Ring

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I have been asked by multiple people (i.e. “more than one” which “equals 2”) to review the final episode of “Chuck” from season 2. I hesitated initially, claiming I didn’t have the time, but as I think back I realize that wasn’t the real reason I held off on reviewing it. The real reason was:

[drum roll please]

In many ways I didn’t like the episode.

Why would that be troubling? And since when did it bother a reviewer to say he didn’t like something? I mean, Roger Ebert probably hasn’t enjoyed anything that wasn’t demeaning to the entire human race in years!


BOOK REVIEW: Star Trek Academy – Collision Course, by William Shatner (with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)

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This novel, by Shatner and the R-Ss (however that works) is probably the best novel this trio has written to date (though not as good as “Federation”, a novel by the R-Ss which is, IMHO, the best Trek novel ever written). It tells the story of a teen-age James T. Kirk and how he first met a Vulcan named Spock.

Wait, you may be saying, isn’t that the same plot as the new movie?




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