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RETROSPECULATIVE TV: Babylon 5: “Divided Loyalties” (Season 2, Episode 19)

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This episode really doesn’t make a lick of sense. In fact, it makes so little sense that it stretches back in time and makes several *earlier* episodes nonsensical as well. Despite all that, I was so happy with the resolution that I really can’t say anything bad about it. After the last couple weeks of standalones, we’re now back in full-on Arc territory


A ranger and a random extra are being chased through the sewers on Mars. One escapes, bound for B5 with information of some sort.


HELP WANTED: How would YOU like to be Republibot 4.0?

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Hey everyone.

Long story short: we need a new head writer and editor to take over for me on the site here. Ideally, this could be one wildly overworked person who could take over for my wildly overworked self (Let's call Him or Her "Republibot 4.0") but it could just as easily be two people, ("Republibots 4.0 and 5.0") one doing the writing another doing the editing. Whatever. Gosh knows I easily did the work of two or three normal humans, so I'm cool about farming it out to, y'know, whomever.

Basically the job entails

(A) being interesting more-or-less continually


RETROSPECULATIVE TV: The Tick: “Arthur Needs Space” (Episode 5, or possibly 5)

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Arthur is at the Happy Panda or someplace equally inconsequential when he sees Mindy Waxman, a girl he loved in high school who didn’t know he was alive. The only time she talked to him in 4 years was when she hit him with her car. “I threw up, I was so happy.” She comes over and talks to him, and it turns out she’s got a thing for superheroes, so she’s immediately hot for Arthurs’ chubby bod. Arthur is elated and terrified (He’s such a nebbish!) and quickly realizes she’s only into him for the costume, not because of who he is.



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