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RETROSPECULATIVE TV: The Tick: “The Tick Vs. Justice” (Episode 8, or possibly 7)

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Ok: bored now. Officially bored now.


Batmanuel gets in a minor fenderbender in a parking garage. The other car is being driven by a super villain named “Destroyo,” and the impact pops his trunk revealing nerve gas, an atomic bomb, and “Some really strong rope.” He’s immediately arrested.


REALSPACE: So how did the shuttles get their names?

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I'll be the first to admit this is fairly trivial, but since we no longer have a manned space program, and we don't have any plans for one, and we're grounded for at least a decade, and the Russians and Chinese have moved ahead of us in the space race, what else have we got to do but talk about trivia?

Something we've never really talked about is how the Shuttles got their names. I mean, we all know they're named after seagoing exploratory vessels, (Somewhat pretentiously since the shuttles clearly aren't exploring, nor were they intended to), but how did they end up with that convention?


Meet The GI Joe Support Staff

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Duke: “You wanted to see me, General?”

General Hawk: “Actually, I sent for your replacement, Lt. Falcon, and he‘s already here…wait, aren’t you dead?“

Duke: “No, it was only a coma.”

Hawk: “Are you sure? I saw a snake eat your freakin’ heart!”

Duke: “Nope, I was saved by a voiceover and parental outrage at the death of Optimus Prime.”

Hawk: “Wow! Lucky Duck!”

Duke: “Don’t I know it! The writers had my idiot half-brother here taking over the team.

Falcon: “Hey! I’m right here, you know!”


RETROSPECULATIVE TV: The Tick: “The Funeral” (Episode 7, or possibly 4)

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A superhero called “The Immortal” is coming through The City on a book-signing tour. He’s evidently this version of the Tickiverse’s version of Superman. (In the Comics and the Cartoon, the Seldom-seen Superman Parody is called “The Cape,” and his real name is “Clark Oppenheimer,” and he’s much more straightforward than the TV iteration). Everyone is in awe of The Immortal, including Arthur who, as a much younger guy, camped outside a hotel to get his autograph.



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