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REMEDIAL SF 101: World Without End

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Anybody who claims that Hollywood has run out of ideas, and keeps cranking out tired remakes and reboots, must not have been alive in the late 1950s. Watching these B-, C-, and D-grade movies makes me believe that Hollywood probably never had an original idea in its tinsel-filled head.  The films all start to run together.


I'm sorry if this review seems lacklustre and uninspired, but that kind of sums up World Without End. Not a bad film, not a good film, not a film particularly worth watching, unless you enjoy playing "Spot The Prop."


The Time Machine, Version 1957

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In "Back to the Future III," Doc Brown, transported back to 1885, buried the defunct De Lorean in an old mine outside the town of Hill Valley, to wait for Marty and his own 1955 counterpart to exhume it and repair the lightning-shorted time circuits with 1955 components.


Lucky for Marty, Doc's choice of a tomb for his car was better than the one the city of Tulsa made back in 1957, when they decided to bury a Plymouth Belvedere with 7 miles on the odometer as a time capsule.


REMEDIAL SF 101: Lilo & Stitch

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Just to clarify--if it's got space aliens in it, it's science fiction.

Which brings us to Lilo & Stitch.

What, you don't think so? "It's a Disney movie!" you protest. Well, try this on for fit, Thomas:

A genetically-engineered space alien designed to be an unstoppable force of destruction escapes its prison and steals a rocketship, crash-landing on Earth, where it is befriended in spite of itself by a lonely little girl who thinks it's a dog. Her patience and faith in him change him from a rotten little monster into a heroic figure as he saves the girl from the aliens who had been sent to recapture him.

Sure sounds like science fiction to me. And as an added bonus, there's hula.



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