TV Reviews: The New Yoda Chronicles

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When I was a kid, my brother and I played with our Star Wars action figures, making up weird, wild, and funny stories.  In high school, I drew a comic strip based on those "adventures," where Leia's band of Rebels were well-meaning but hapless goofs you wouldn't trust with a loaded blaster,and had been exiled to Yavin under her command in order to appease her wealthy patron father, the King of Alderaan.  Well, Disney must have gotten my notes, because "The New Yoda Chronicles" have all the silly sight gags and in-jokes I would have loved to have come up with myself.


The Walking Dead: "Crossed" (Season 5, Episode 7)


Walkers melted to the street.

You read that right. Meet Exhibit A as to why, no matter how hardened you are to this show, they keep topping themselves. What they do with that is a new low, or high I suppose, depending on whether you think your vomit bag is half full or half empty.  


Fan Film Friday: Airlords of Airia

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Here's a super little steampunk film from Germany that has some really outstanding CGI, as well as being just beautiful to look at.  Before you start thinking there's something wrong with the lipsynching, yes, it's dubbed into English both to reach as many viewers as possible, and because the original German dialog's sound quality was too poor (according to the production notes.)



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