Putin Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: The Next Space Taxi Generation

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In the increasingly acrimonious relationship between the US and Russia--which is looking more and more like a nasty divorce case with each passing day--the fate of the US involvement with the International Space Station has been cast into doubt, with the US balking at paying the Russians $71 million each time we send an astronaut up on a Russian Soyuz.


Real Science: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

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I usually don't turn in to bed before 11 PM--trying to go to sleep any earlier just results in an hour of staring at a ceiling I can't see, waiting for the Sandman to beat me to death.  Sunday night was no different...well, not quite.  Shortly after I moved the Chihuahua and got settled under the covers, the gap around the shade on the bedroom window flickered brilliantly for a few seconds.  I assumed it was lightning, and thought no more about it.


When the hell did we stop helping?

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I’ve never smoked a day in my life, but I have an old cigarette case. It’s nickel, I think, and brass-plated, or at least brass-colored. My wife found it in a thrift shop a decade ago, and got it for me because it only cost a buck, and she figured I’d like the historical significance of it. I used it as a wallet – just an affectation I picked up during the Swing Revival days – its insides made a good money clip, I didn’t need to worry about my ID or credit cards getting bent, and, I dunno, it just felt sorta’ swanky.


ORIGINAL SONG: "1987" by Kevin Long (The Artist Formerly Known as Republibot 3.0)

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Yup. It's another one of my goofy-assed useless songs. And more depressing than most this time out.

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