Fan Film Friday: Airlords of Airia

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Here's a super little steampunk film from Germany that has some really outstanding CGI, as well as being just beautiful to look at.  Before you start thinking there's something wrong with the lipsynching, yes, it's dubbed into English both to reach as many viewers as possible, and because the original German dialog's sound quality was too poor (according to the production notes.)


Gotham: "Harvey Dent" (Season 1, Episode 9)


Well, that wasn’t exactly good, now was it? A mere two weeks after hitting a local maxima with “Penguin’s Umbrella,” the S.S. Gotham appears to have hit an iceberg. It’s not sinking yet, but it certainly lost forward momentum last night.   


ORIGINAL SONG: "Murderin' Shovel" by Kevin Long

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Normally I have a column on mondays, but I forgot to write one, and my computer's busted. All I have at present is this cruddy little I-pad, which only barely qualifies as a computer at all. So, since I can't really do anything useful, I'm going to plug my latest original song, "Murderin' Shovel."  I can't actually post the video itself (because that would be useful, and as stated I'm limited to an I-pad),  but i can at least post a link to the video. Check it out:


The Walking Dead: "Consumed" (Season 5, Episode 6)


This week is a character vignette. That's a welcome throwback to the type of isolated episodes that formed the last half of Season 4. In this case, Carol and Darryl are a pleasure to watch together, their obvious familiarity with one another adding depth to moments of alternating compassion and cynicism.



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