R2's Day: And it Stoned Me...

I was prepping an article about how the Singularity seems to be happening right under our noses, but I saw this... and it tore right into my soul.  Singularity, next week.  Doctor Who Christmas Special review- later.  Now, this. (NOTE NOT A REAL CALVIN & HOBBES STRIP)Tweeted by MeridethFrost


EPISODE REVIEW: Cosmos: A Spacetime Adventure: “The Clean Room” (Episode 7)

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Full disclosure: I’m not really feeling it today. It’s Easter, I got up way the heck too early, spent way the heck too much time out of the house today, and ate way the heck too much food, which I paid for by spending WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY the heck too much time in the bathroom.


Divine Clockworks

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The Husband and I were watching TV this afternoon, and came across this commercial for the Omega Co-axial Chronometer, which seems to be playing on the "divine watchmaker" motif.  Whatever, it's a pretty cool-looking commercial.

And no, I'm not really obsessed with clockworks...what ever makes you think that?



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